At Texia, we work with the Better Cotton Initiative to improve cotton farming globally.

As part of our strategy and corporate commitment to the environment, we have become a member of the international non-profit organization Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), which promotes the sustainable cultivation of cotton worldwide to guarantee a better future for the environment and the textile sector.

We are a centennial textile corporation born in Barcelona in 1917 who manufactures textile finishes for major brands in the sector in line with our 3 founding principles – innovation, quality and sustainability. We also have the latest technology, which allows us to create and market our own products for the domestic and professional channel under our MY DRAP and ROLL DRAP brands.

All our products are made with natural fibres, with most being made using cotton and recycled cotton. For this reason, our commitment to the environment and the way in which our raw materials are grown is a core element of our corporate strategy.

In line with this objective, we have recently become a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) programme, which aims to improve global cotton production for both the people who produce it and theenvironment in which it grows in order to ensure a better future for the sector.

The purpose of this international initiative is to promote more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable practices in cotton cultivation in the countries of origin by training those who are involved in the entire process.

These practices includeusing water more efficiently, reducing chemicals and pesticides, and also a more social element which focuses on defending the rights and improving the quality of life and economic development of agricultural producers and their workers.

BCI is aiming to have a total of five million farmers from around the world registered by the end of this year, a figure that will represent 30% of world cotton production.

At Texia, we are committed to ensuring that in the future all the cotton we use in the manufacturing of our products is obtained sustainably through the Better Cotton Initiative, 

declared Marcos Guasch, CEO of Texia