In less than a month we have reorganized our production in order to manufacture face masks

ROLLDRAP we are part of the centennial Texia group which, in view of the current situation and thanks to our industrial capacity, we have adapted and transformed our business in record time in order to manufacture 3 different models of hygienic, textile, reusable face masks for universal use, certified in accordance with UNE-0065 with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, BFE, of 96%, and an affordable price for the whole of society.

They are all produced entirely in our own factory, located in the province of Barcelona, maintaining local industrial production and complying with applicable quality and environmental standards.

As a family company we wished to maintain the values that define us in order to provide a high quality product at a competitive price, affordable by everyone. Because our main goal is for protection against coronavirus to reach as many people as possible.

Certified by an accredited laboratory
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, BFE, 96%.


In order to maintain our corporate commitment to sustainability, we work to minimize the impact of the massive use of face masks, in both the development and the production of the product. That is why we use 100% cotton, an environmentally friendly natural fibre, which allows the face mask to be washed and reused, prolonging its use and reducing waste.